Clearly it's been too long since I've updated this blog, and well my excuse is... Life? Life seems to be moving faster and faster and to be honest I need to slow down and enjoy it more. 

I got up this morning and got ready for work, then sat down to play a game. I usually try to squeeze in a match or two of multiplayer before heading out the door. (It's usually a different game every other morning. This morning it was Halo: Reach)

I miss Halo. I have some epic memories of it. Right from high school to well through college. Hell it was the first game I played when I got my Xbox set up here in Montreal. I love Halo. Mainly because of the memories with my friends. Everything from lugging my original Xbox around to my buddy Ty's or the Cook's house to get some mad Lan action going, to meeting friends from Halo 3 face to face. (Redline/Jackel, I'm talking about you.) To friends writing albums praising our exploits online. "What are you doing in the #$@!ing tree Woofer!"

All those memories are why I still play Halo to this day. (Granted not as much as I use to, but that doesn't mean I don't still enjoy it.)

I thank Bungie.net, and 343 for Halo Waypoint. Places where all those memories exist in number/stat form. Though there is a sad bit of truth. May gamertag shows I have never played Halo 2. That's true... on that gamertag. 

There's a reason my gamertag is ShuaReborn. It's because, I lost my original Xbox gamertag due to some weird account issue which was: Shua.

When I bought my Xbox 360, a.k.a. Traded everything I had and my roommate Corey had, so I could spend as little of my OSAP money as possible on it, I tried to recover my original gamertag, but was forced to reinvent myself. So thinking in that light I figured I could rename myself as if I was, resurrected or reborn. (Thinking back "ShuaRespawned" would've been cooler... but alas ShuaReborn it is.)

As a tribute to my old gamertag/the old me. (That young kid that played games online and WAS NOT an obnoxious brat.) I've used bungie.net to dig up my old stats for Halo 2 so I could immortalize my first gamertag and properly re-associate it with me once again.

Oh yeah! I was in Viper Stylz!

Here's to moving forward and creating new memories that I can one day, take the time to slow down, and write about them again here. 

Game On,

- Josh